Promote your business in 3 clicks

Share your creations with the world without apprehension. Showcase your business with an online solution that streams all your content and monitors usage at every stage.


Faster, more mobile

ubstream streams your content to any device, without the need to download an application. Born in the cloud, our solution centralizes all your media (photos, videos, documents, MS Office files, etc.), and makes them instantly accessible to all your collaborators, authorized partners, etc. ubstream lets you distribute content that’s always up to date, while retaining control over its use (viewing, sharing, etc.).


More than just a safe

With ubstream, your content is shared without ever being duplicated. Your data is hosted in France on a sovereign cloud. With ubstream, you can store all the data generated by your content. You benefit from comprehensive, independent reporting and analysis tools that comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Simply remarkable

Reinforce your brand image by delivering the perfect digital experience. ubstream is a “wall of pictures” solution that showcases your work, creations, leaflets and more. Designed around remarkably visual and intuitive interfaces, you deliver a consistent digital experience whatever the nature of the user terminal (device), whether in the office or on the move.


Greater productivity

Capitalize on the work of your teams and streamline your processes with a totally cross-functional solution. ubstream ensures perfect management of roles and permissions for your company’s support functions (marketing, sales, communications, etc.). ubstream is also designed to make it easier for you to deal with your external partners, and to manage their access as well. Thanks to reporting, you know in real time who is consulting, uploading or sharing what, etc.


New customers, more easily

Increase your visibility by broadcasting on all channels. Easily distribute your content on your own website, or those of your partners, thanks to embedding options. Share your creations or your work on social networks or directly by SMS with your contacts. What’s more, ubstream dynamically generates pointers (QR codes, NFC tags, etc.) to enable you to link each of your physical products to its digital content.


Connected to your favorite apps

ubstream integrates with your everyday tools. Automate repetitive tasks and save time so you can concentrate on other tasks. ubstream integrates with well-known tools such as Zapier, Slack, Gmail, MS Office, Outlook, etc.

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