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Digital Solutions SA helps companies and institutions meet digital challenges by integrating new technologies.

As an IT integrator and service provider, we assist you in your innovation strategy and the development of new digital products.
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Our values are the pillars of our success

The quality of the relationship

The quality of our relationships with customers and teams is our primary value at Digital Solutions.
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Our teams share a sense of belonging to a technological environment driven by creativity, innovation, and the pursuit of new ideas.
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Recognizing that individual well-being is crucial for personal and professional fulfillment, Digital Solutions places a strong emphasis on 'Work-Life Balance'
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Our commitment

Our employees are highly skilled and dedicated. They are carefully recruited and serve as our organization's best ambassadors.
Our history

Digital Solutions SA was born in 2016 in the canton of Jura.

Our ambition positions us as one of Switzerland’s leading companies in software development, IT solution integration, innovation, and digital process automation.”

Our strong growth has led us to recruit engineers in all IT areas regularly.

Xavier Van Nuvel, the current CEO of Digital Solutions SA, founded the company in Porrentruy in the Canton of Jura.
The company continues to expand, growing its workforce to 20.
The SARL becomes a SA & increases its workforce to 30. Awarded the "Great Place to Work in Switzerland" label
Digital Solutions SA joins Switzerland's top 100 IT companies (49th position)
Digital Solutions opens offices in Geneva, Plan les Ouates & recruits 10 engineers.
Offices in Lausanne open and welcome 5 more employees, bringing our workforce to 25.
The Basel offices open their doors on the Novartis Campus. The workforce grows to 35, and the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) offering is rolled out throughout Switzerland.
our management team
xavier van nuvel - Entreprise IT suisse
Xavier Van Nuvel
Executive Board Member
Thibault PEPIN - Entreprise IT suisse
Thibault Pépin
Executive Board Member
Thomas Engler
Development Director
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We are present throughout Switzerland.

Développement logiciel

Swiss IT company

Swiss IT company - Digital Solutions is the Swiss IT specialist

How did Switzerland become a global hub for digital and IT companies?

Switzerland has become a global digital hub in recent years. What was once a small country of mountains and lagoons has become one of the most connected countries in the world. As a Swiss IT company, we have established branches in Geneva, Basel, Porrentruy, Lausanne, Delémont and soon Zurich. Political authorities have adopted policies favorable to new technologies and IT companies.

1. Switzerland, a city of innovation for a Swiss IT company

Switzerland is not only known for its banking system, but also has a robust innovation ecosystem. Switzerland (Swiss IT Company) was ranked first in the Global Innovation Index, a measure of the innovative capacity of countries around the world, and is regularly cited in rankings of GDP per capita, and quality of life. Switzerland is ranked as the most innovative country in the world by the 2014 Global Innovation Index. In terms of GDP per capita, Switzerland is the fifth richest country in the world. It is also ranked first in the Quality of Life Index, and second in the Human Development Index.

Switzerland (Swiss IT Company) also has major advantages thanks to its central geographical location and strong industrial base. Switzerland (Swiss IT Company) is one of the few nations with an innovative economy that is also an open economy. More than 200 international companies (Swiss IT companies) are headquartered in Switzerland. The Swiss economy is characterized by a high degree of diversity, and is also at the cutting edge when it comes to regulations and procedures.

2. What is information technology?

What role do they play in society and the economy?

Information technology (IT) (Swiss IT Company) is a new and evolving way of processing information. Examples of the various information technologies are telecommunications, microcomputing, computer science, e-commerce, remote sensing, telemetry, automated transport systems (automation), advanced medicine (e-medicine), robotics, surveillance systems (monitoring), global communications networks, energy transmission systems, and so on. Information technology is referred to as information and digital technology (ICT) (Swiss IT Enterprise) in global jargon.

ICTs are growing fast in both the public and private sectors. Their usefulness is so great that they have transformed the way we communicate, the way we live, move and work.

In Switzerland, ICT in general and the Internet in particular are used to improve the management of companies and administrations, as well as services to citizens. ICTs are used to develop trade, industry, tourism, transport and services in every country in the region. Their applications cover the entire private and public sectors.

It’s important to know, for example, that most financial services, such as payment transactions, are handled by computerized systems. Banks, insurance companies and pension funds need fast, reliable information. Thousands of people work in the ICT sector in Switzerland.

3. How to choose your IT service provider (Swiss IT company)?

To benefit from a quality IT service (Swiss IT Company), you need to define your company’s objectives and requirements. It is also essential to define the budget allocated to upgrading the IT system and the timeframe envisaged for its completion.

Once these points have been defined, you can start looking for a service provider (Swiss IT company) based on the following criteria:

  • All information must be provided promptly and regularly, to enable you to draw up your plans and analyze the results obtained.
  • the quality of our services must be rigorously controlled.
  • the service provider’s experience must be satisfactory.
  • it must adapt easily to changes in your business.

Your company’s management team should also have an in-depth knowledge of the various services offered by the service provider (Swiss IT Company).

A precisely defined set of specifications must be given to the chosen service provider, to enable him to show you the possibilities he can offer you, and how he intends to achieve them. The quality of the information provided by the service provider (Swiss IT Company) is crucial to establishing a relationship of trust with your contact and confirming your expectations.

At Digital Solutions (Swiss IT company), we’ll be with you from start to finish, and we’ll even imagine the future with you.