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We recruit the best engineers in the market

Benefit from high-level engineering profiles

Digital Solutions aims to become one of the Swiss leaders in IT services in the canton of Jura and throughout Switzerland. We offer to search for you, the profiles of engineers adapted to your needs and the technologies you want to use:
  • IT service
  • IT profiles search: developers, project manager, project owner, DBA…
  • systems integration
  • editing of business solutions
  • infrastructure management
  • business process services
  • cyber security
  • block chain
  • digital transformation
Digital Solutions thus provides a comprehensive response to the development and competitiveness challenges of large companies and organizations. Combining added value, innovation and delivered service performance, Digital Solutions provides you a team of qualified engineers.
Based in Porrentruy in the Canton of Jura in Switzerland, Digital Solutions is the specialist in IT dedicated to companies of all sizes, Smes, Smis, large groups.

You want to strengthen your IT needs,
As part of your projects, do you need specific IT profiles (.Net, Java,Python,..)?

So ask us out  :

Digital Solutions will provide you profiles adapted to your needs and your business lines.

Advantage N°.01

01. Support

Support guaranteed by our team of IT service professionals.  Regular monitoring from the initial phase of the project to the maintenance of your IT systems.

Advantage N°.02

02. Internal integration

Our engineers perform services in accordance with your specifications. Thus we optimize the costs generated by a complete vision of the organization.

Advantage N°.03

03. Assurances

Thanks to our IT expertise and our engineers, we guarantee full compliance with your budgets and deadlines. In this way, you benefit from all the guarantees of a professional service of high precision.


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IT Service Jura Switzerland

IT  Service Jura Switzerland – Digital Solutions

IT Service Jura Switzerland – Digital Solutions – IT company  Jura

IT Service Jura Switzerland : Digital Solutions Supports Companies In The Canton Of Jura Switzerland In Their Request For IT Services.